• TFO Pro 2 (Pro 3) Performance Outfit w/NV reel and fly line


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    Other models available on Special Order (Contact Us):


    • TFO Professional III 4 Piece Rods 4wt. to 8wt.
    • TFO  NV Reel 
    • TFO Special Delivery Fly Line WF Floating
    • Flyline shipped may be a different colour than pictured 
    • TFO 9'3X leader
    • TFO 25lb. Backing
    • TFO Rod and Reel Case


    The following are available while quantities last:

    Also available by special order on request:

    TFO Professional II Rod Series W/ TFO NV REEL and TFP Fly line


    Line Wt. F/Butt Grip

    420$ TFO P2 1005-4pc 10'0'' 5wt. 3.7oz. N HW
    420$ TFO P2 1006-4pc 10'0" 6wt. 3.8oz. N HW
    420$ TFO P2 906-4pc 9'0" 6wt. 3.8oz. N HW
    420$ TFO P2 907-4pc 9'0" 7wt. 4.3oz. Y FW

    TFO Professional III Rod Series w/TFO NV REEL and TFO Fly line
    Model Length Line Wt. Handle Grip
    510$ TFO P3 804-4pc 8'0" 4wt. 2.7oz. A HW
    510$ TFO P3 864-4pc 8'6" 4wt. 2.9oz. A HW
    510$ TFO P3 904-4pc 9'0" 4wt. 3.0oz. A HW
    510$ TFO P3 865-4pc 8'6" 5wt. 3.0oz. A HW
    510$ TFO P3 905-4pc 9'0" 5wt. 3.2oz. A HW
    520$ TFO P3 906-4pc 9'0" 6wt. 3.4oz. A HW
    545$ TFO P3 908-4pc 9'0" 8wt. 4.2oz. B FW

    Consider adding the following items to your list:

    • On-water accessories includes:  Nippers, zinger, forceps,floatant and holder
    • Wood teardrop fishing net
    • Fly boxes
    • Selection of 12 flies

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