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    Based on a traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line, and fly, Tenkara fishing allows novice and expert anglers to make precise casts, delicate presentations and manipulate their fly with extreme ease. Telescoping down to 20 inches, the Soft hackle rods are perfect for the backpacking angler.

    The rods come with a spare tip and second section. The rod sock has a unique line holder built in to help organize your line when not in use. Available in two actions to match your style of fishing the faster 10'6" and the 8'6" are great for wet flies and the slower 11'6" is ideal for dry flies.


  • Slower for dry flies or Faster action models for wet flies
  • Supplied with a spare tip and second section
  • Rod sock has a line holder built in
  • Telescoping from 20 inches to 8'6" (N/A)
  • Telescoping from 20 inches to 10'6"
  • Telescoping from 20.5 inches to 11'6"

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